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Medicare Insurance has become increasingly more complicated for today’s senior population. Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug coverage, Group Employer Coverage can be confusing topics.

With so many choices what is a person to do?

South Texas Insurance Advisors has qualified personal with experience to help answer any and all questions. With guidance and skill, we can help maneuver through Medicare Insurance and the processes involved.

MEDICARE Made Easy are words we live by. We will guide you every step of this complicated process. We will explain Part A and Part B of Original Medicare to you. The Part A deductible has numerous moving parts to it. Medicare Part B has a deductible and Co-Insurance and it is of utmost importance that the process is understood.

Medicare Part D has become one of the most confusing parts of Medicare. From the deductible, prescription costs, GAP coverage, to catastrophic coverage; it can all seem overwhelming. However South Texas Insurance Advisors will assist in breaking down the entire process for you.

The next step in the selection process may be selecting a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) vs selecting a Medicare Supplement. We will discuss the advantages of paying as you go vs paying an upfront premium.

If you have the privilege of getting Employer Health insurance coverage, South Texas Insurance Advisors can assist in understanding that process and benefits.

South Texas Insurance Advisors doesn’t stop there. We also have information on the Medicare Savings Programs.

Many of our clients qualify for Medicare Savings Programs. These programs pay for the Medicare Part A deductible, Part B Deductible, Part B Co-Insurance, and Part B Premium.

If your income is within limits set by the Social Security Administration, we can assist in lowering monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and co-payments to your Part D plan. This program has several names; Extra Help and Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

At South Texas Insurance Advisors we pride ourselves in helping all of our clients acquire the services and benefits that best suits their needs. We gladly provide FREE consultations to everyone.


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