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South Texas Insurance Advisors is an Independent Financial Services Firm offering secure money and cutting-edge financial based products and concepts. Our goal is to build a solid and reliable financial plan for our clients.

South Texas Insurance Advisors believes there are six key steps to financial freedom. Insurance is the foundation of every financial plan. Managing debt and Mortgage, creating an emergency fund, increasing your cash flow, savings and investments, and estate preservation are vital parts of every individual’s financial goals.

Common Errors made during Retirement Planning:

  1. Losing Money in your retirement accounts.

    • Strategies exist that allow for downside protection and upside potential, you never have less tomorrow than you have today.

  2. Thinking average return tells the full story.

    • Actual return and average return will NEVER equal one another when you factor in a negative number

  3. Paying debt later and allowing interest to accumulate.

    • Companies that offer debt trap you in a cycle where all you pay is interest before principal. Strategically pay principal amounts to minimize or eliminate interest charges.

  4. Understanding how taxes play a critical role.

    • Taxes play an important role in all phases of retirement planning: contribution, accumulation, distribution and transfer. Plan for a tax free retirement.

  5. Underestimating the power of compound interest.

    • The sooner you start saving, the less you have to pay yourself to achieve your retirement goal. The later you start, the more you pay yourself.

  6. Unaware of the total amount of money needed for retirement.

    • You must know your end goal amount, so you know how much to pay yourself.

  7. Failure to account for the high cost of medical care.

    • Illnesses may not kill us but the medical bills may. Adequately preparing will minimize the medical burden.


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